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The Ruby from Jodaipur



RAJESH MISHRA II, MAHARAJA OF JODAIPUR, a small principality in Northwestern India, arrives in Brasilia on an official visit, accompanied by his entourage that includes, among others, his wife, Maharani (Queen) Bhargavi and her older brother, Prince Gulab, who heads the company's official dance company in Jodaipur. The Maharaja owns one of the most valuable jewels in the world, the Agni ki fúol ruby ("The flower of fire" in Hindi), which adorns his royal turban.
During a dinner hosted by the Brazilian government at the Itamaraty Palace, the Foreign Ministry building, the  ruby comes off the Maharaja’s turban and shatters on the floor. It turns out that the stone was only a replica. The real one was stolen between the arrival of the delegation to Brasilia and the reception at the Foreign Ministry. The tension increases when the next night, during the presentation of Jodaipur’s Dance Company at the National Theatre, the Maharani Bhargavi is mysteriously kidnapped.



Racing against time, Ms. Olga, a former Interpol agent and descendant of Pedro Álvares Cabral — the discoverer of Brazil —, comes back into action to solve the elusive mystery; as always with the help of her young and clever assistants: her two grandchildren, Julia and André, and their friend, the Iraqi boy, Rachid.

Set in Brasilia, the country’s modernist capital, O RUBI DO PLANALTO CENTRAL/THE RUBY FROM JODAIPUR is the second title in the collection "The Mystery Busters", specializing in interactive children's suspense novels. In the books of the series, the reader also participates in the plot, solving riddles along with the characters, while simultaneously learning more about the Brazilian capital and unraveling some of the many secrets of India.
Editora Ática, 2009
Série Olho no Lance/ The Mystery Busters series
Illustrated by Mauro Souza
128 pages
ISBN: 9788508120499
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