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The lost diary from Pernambuco

IT'S CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL. Júlia, André, Rachid and Ms. Olga decide to enjoy the heat and the festivities in the historic city of Olinda in the state of Pernambuco, where they are staying with their friend, Almerinda. But for this adventurous  group , it was  all too quiet - even amidst the busy sound of the frantic  Frevo rhythms along the city streets.
Once again they find themselves immersed in an unlikely story: Almerinda is suddenly threatened by a sinister stranger wearing a witch’s costume. Fear takes over the group, because during carnival season, the villain in disguise might be anywhere. The friends decide to protect their hostess and begin to investigate the relationship between this incident and the disappearance of a friar and a mysterious diary.



In a dizzying race against time through the streets of Recife and Olinda, the four friends will discover that that crime is only a small part of a much larger plan, dating back to the Dutch occupation in the Northeastern Region of Brazil during the seventeenth century.

O DIÁRIO PERDIDO DE PERNAMBUCO/THE LOST DIARY FROM PERNAMBUCO is the third thriller written by Luis Eduardo Matta for the series "The Mystery Busters", where historic Brazilian cities serve as the backdrop for stories filled with mystery, suspense and adventure. Through riddles, the young reader is invited to take their place in this search to help solve the mystery surrounding the whole plot.
Editora Ática, 2012
Série Olho no Lance/ 
The Mystery Busters series
Illustrated by Mauro Souza
168 pages
ISBN: 9788508153695
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