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About the Author

LUIS EDUARDO MATTA was born in 1974 in Rio de Janeiro, where he has lived up to the present day. He began his literary career in 1993 at the age of 18 with the publication of CONEXÃO BEIRUTE-TEERAN/THE BEIRUT-TEHRAN CONNECTION — a thriller with overtones of a crime novel, set in post-war Lebanon. The preface to the book was written by Mansour Challita, a former Ambassador for the Arab League in Brazil.

His second book, the thriller, IRA IMPLACÁVEL: INDÍCIOS DE UMA CONSPIRAÇÃO/IMPLACABLE RANGE: HINTS OF A CONSPIRACY was released almost a decade later, in 2002. In the subsequent years, Matta specialized in mystery and suspense fiction; during that time he published the novels 120 HORAS/120 HOURS (2005), O VÉU/THE VEIL (2009) and A OUTRA FACE DO DESEJO/THE OTHER SIDE OF DESIRE (2013).

In 2007, Matta decided to use his experience as an author of thrillers and to venture into young adult literature. His first book in the this new genre was MORTE NO COLÉGIO/DEATH AT SCHOOL, a mystery adventure that, which follows  the investigation of a murder investigation linked to connected to   the search for ancient manuscripts that might prove the existence of the lost continent of Atlantis. Matta’s debut in adolescent fiction was met with great success by critics and readers alike. Since then, he has dedicated himself both to adolescent fiction and to adult fiction literature.
Matta has also participated in some s short story anthologies and has published many articles and essays. These publications mostly address the issues of educating readers in schools and the popularization of reading in the contemporary world. In addition, Matta was columnist in the cultural magazine Digestivo Cultural for five years and he continuously visits schools throughout Brazil giving lectures and participating in events and book fairs.
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