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The Other Side of Desire

FOR A LONG TIME, the advertising professional Fernanda Soares de Lima, age 36, has had a stable but dull marriage, to a successful and loving man. When her husband dies unexpectedly, the bubble of security that she had built around them bursts and long, dormant emotions come to the surface. The most disturbing one is the memory of the greatest passion of her life, Ricardo, who she had met in her late teens and had not seen since. The timidity of the two at the time had prevented that love from being fully expressed. Now, after spending almost twenty years repressing her feelings in an attempt to forget them, she feels their overwhelming reemergence.

This passion, however, is far from being the biggest problem in her new life. Fernanda still has to fight the morbid hatred of her mother-in-law, Adelina Figueroa, who is devastated by the sudden loss of her only son. Adelina had never accepted their marriage, and blames Fernanda for all the problems the couple faced: from the absence of grandchildren up to an alleged depression that had rushed her son's death. So Adelina decides to vindicate her son’s death and conjures up a diabolical plan to destroy the unsuspecting Fernanda.

The situation worsens when Fernanda’s best friend is mysteriously murdered, turning everyone around the victim into potential suspects. Amidst the mystery surrounding the crime, Fernanda is shaken by a dizzying succession of inexplicable and terrifying episodes that threaten to ruin her life. And while desperately seeking to understand what is happening, she rediscovers her old flame Ricardo, without suspecting that he could turn into her worst nightmare.
Mixing drama, love, mystery and suspense, A OUTRA FACE DO DESEJO/THE OTHER SIDE OF DESIRE is a fascinating thriller that takes the reader through the labyrinths of existential conflicts and romantic drama all the way to a surprising and frightening conclusion.
Primavera Editorial, 2013
436 pages
Luis Eduardo Matta talks about his new thriller A OUTRA FACE DO DESEJO  (04/2013).
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