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The Day After

FARID WASSOUF, a Brazilian of Syrian descent and Yaakov Zilberman, an American of Jewish ancestry have been close friends and longtime partners in a company specializing in commerce between Brazil and the United States. Farid suspects fraud within the firm. So he travels to New York City and plans meet with the detective hired to investigate the case. However, on the day of the meeting, the detective is murdered and Farid disappears without a trace.
Weeks later, his wife, accompanied by her fourteen year old son, Antônio, arrive in New York to discuss the disappearance of Farid with Yaakov. They were having a meeting at the World Trade Center, where the headquarters of the company was located, when the complex is attacked on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Both, Yaakov and Farid’s wife die in the collapse of the towers.


Antônio is welcomed into the house of the widow of Yaakov, whose son, Michael, is the same age as he. With his mother’s death, Antônio must find his missing father. Michael offers to help him. The day after the tragedy, Sept. 12, in a New York terrified and in shock, the two go in search of Farid and become involved in a sequence of unpredictable dangers and thrills that will bring the answers to all the mysteries.

In O DIA SEGUINTE/THE DAY AFTER, Luis Eduardo Matta recreates the horror of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and tells a tense and poignant story of suspense and adventure that celebrates the friendship between Arabs and Jews.
Escrita Fina Edições, 2011
252 pages
ISBN: 9788563877338
Watch the book trailer for O DIA SEGUINTE.
Luis Eduardo Matta interviewed about O DIA SEGUINTE  - (09/2011).
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