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The Got It Together Girls (Vol. 1):

I'm in charge here!​

CHRIS, ALÊ AND ISA, are beautiful, rich, popular, and inseparable friends. They live the life that many  would dream of: they study in the best school in the city, they frequent the fanciest places and wear the most fashionable clothes.
Everything seems perfect.

Isa meets Rogério, the new boy in school, and quickly falls for him. Alê only has eyes for Philip, her clueless boyfriend, and Chris, poor thing, is placed in the middle of all this mess.

To complicate matters, Bu Campello, the most preppy tease in the world, will spare no efforts to sabotage the social life of the "friends."

Follow the exciting lives of these privileged girls who will do anything to get what they want: from complicated courtships to sophisticated events and even wild, funky parties. But… do they really always succeed?

Delight yourself with this entertaining story filled with intrigue, drama, revenge, romance, jealousy, achievements and of course, a lot of partying.

In this first book of the series AS BEM RESOLVIDAS(?)/THE GOT IT TOGETHER GIRLS, the three friends will have to prove that they really are in charge.
Editora Vermelho Marinho, 2011
200 pages
ISBN: 9788564298392
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