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Implacable Range: Hints of a Conspiracy​

LEBANON`S MINISTER of Foreign Affairs, while on an official visit to Brazil, is brutally murdered after He leaves a cocktail party at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Several hours later in New York City, the United Nations Secretary-General receives a letter whose author claims to be the master mind behind the murder. It also contains another sinister warning: in exactly six months, on the first day autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, two of the most important cities of the Middle East —Beirut, in Lebanon and Tel Aviv, in Israel — will be completely destroyed by a simultaneous and monumental terrorist attack.

The threat would have inevitably been interpreted as a hoax, had it not been for the letter signed by Ali Ahmad.

Considered the most dangerous and mysterious terrorist of all times by many heads of state and Western analysts, Ali Ahmad became an infamous celebrity for always publically announcing the dates and targets of his terrorist attacks ahead of time. No intelligence service or military force has been capable of stopping him in his vicious fury, that, as time went by, left a path of blood and destruction wherever it went. The United Nations knew that after such a long period of silence Ali Ahmad would not be bluffing, so they decided to organize a military-diplomatic committee, in order to create a strategy to avoid a catastrophe. That is when an unusual piece of news becomes public — at first it appears to be encouraging but it might cause an even more dramatic crisis: it is the signing of a peace treaty between Iran and Israel.

To Euzébio Vianna, a high ranking military strategist from Rio de Janeiro, the clear convergence of so many facts involving the Middle East  to the same period hides a disturbing reality. He will have to race against time in order to solve this complex puzzle before it is too late.
In a tense and exciting narrative that blends continuous action, suspense, conspiracy and terror, the story of IRA IMPLACÁVEL: INDÍCIOS DE UMA CONSPIRAÇÃO/IMPLACABLE RANGE: HINTS OF A CONSPIRACY, goes from Rio de Janeiro to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York; from Beirut to Tel Aviv; from Paris to Jerusalem. It has strong characters, and an exhilarating rhythm that will make the readers hold their breath up to its surprising conclusion.
Razão Cultural Editora, 2002
234 pages
ISBN: 9788574890464
Read an excerpt from the first chapter
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