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Robbery at the Imperial Palace

THE "CORONATION PIECE" — the most rare and valuable coin in the history of Brazil, made in honor of Emperor Pedro I’s coronation in 1822 — is mysteriously stolen during a numismatic exhibition in the Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro. Ms. Olga, a former Interpol agent and a direct descendant of Pedro Álvares Cabral — the discoverer of Brazil —, is present in the palace at the time of the robbery. She soon discovers that the police will not get involved in the case. Frustrated and intrigued, she decides to put her professional skills in action again and decides to investigate the mystery on her own. She counts with the help of three clever young assistants: her two grandchildren, Julia and André, and their friend, Rachid, an Iraqi boy.
They begin to look for clues and follow suspects around town and immediately find themselves lost in a maze of unanswered questions, starting with the very owner of the coin, Paulo Roberto, who seems to do everything for the stolen coin not to be found. As the investigation progresses and more strange things happen, Ms. Olga, Júlia, André and Rachid realize that the case is far more complex than they had imagined. The disappearance of the "Coronation Piece" may have been more than a robbery. It may have been revenge --or a reckoning.


First title in the series "The Mystery Busters" — an interactive book series featuring stories of mystery and adventure — ROUBO NO PAÇO IMPERIAL/ROBBERY AT THE IMPERIAL PALACE is a teen thriller filled with puzzles and challenges that will lead the reader to interact with the characters in the plot while learning about the history of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, in a stimulating and fun way.
Editora Ática, 2008
Série Os Caça-Mistérios /
The Mystery Busters series
Illustrated by Mauro Souza
120 pages
ISBN: 9788508114870
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