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HAVING BEEN MARRIED FOR MANY YEARS, JANUARIA AND NELSON live a happy and peaceful life until the day Januaria boards on a bus to go on a business trip. The vehicle ends up suffering an accident, leaving everyone without any serious injuries, but with a mystery: Januaria was not among the passengers.
Desperate, not knowing the whereabouts of his wife, Nelson asks the police for help. Inspector Eliana starts the search, but it is Felipe, her son, who dives deeper into the investigation, contrary to his mother, who doesn't want him involved in police matters. Felipe had witnessed the accident on the road and was intrigued by Januaria's disappearance, as she was no longer seen, nor had anyone heard from her. To unravel this mystery, he recruits the help of his friend Lara, the grumpy daughter of the most powerful man in the region, his classmate at school and on whom Felipe secretly has a crush.
Both of them don't imagine that behind Januaria's disappearance, there is a complex millionaire fraud scheme about to make yet another victim. Little by little, they are involved in a obscure web of events and realize that instead of solving the case, they'll need to save their own lives from a cold and ruthless mind, capable of going to ultimate consequences so that the truth is not revealed.
Editora Lê, 2015
Série O Vale dos Mistérios /The Valley of Mysteries series
200 pages
ISBN: 9788532908063
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