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AT 12 YEARS OF AGE, MARIA LUCINDA ALVES WAS an obnoxious and wicked girl, who enjoyed disturbing the lives of everyone around her. She was about to be expelled from the renowned Aurora School, where she attended until one morning in May, when she was found dead in the classroom,  apparently, she was the victim of yet another hoax she herself was constantly setting up for her classmates.
Soon there were rumors that the school and, more precisely, the old wing where Maria Lucinda had studied, were now haunted by the ghost of the girl. People began to report witnessing inexplicable and frightening phenomena, which caused a massive student withdrawal, forcing the Aurora School to finish the construction of a new building, to which all classes were quickly transferred. The school, just then, recovered its reputation, and the old wing, listed as historical heritage and therefore barred from being demolished, was sealed and secluded from the rest of the school complex.
Thirteen years later, Luciana Peçanha, a determined 16-year-old president of the Student Council, convinces the board to reopen and renovate one of the school's rooms back at the old wing, where the new Student Council headquarters would be installed. And so, right on opening day, strange things begin to happen. An old rosewood box, which had been donated by the school to the council, suddenly disappears, triggering a series of troubling events. After suffering two near-fatal attacks, Luciana decides not to wait for a third one and, aided by her boyfriend Caio, launches herself into an anxious race against time in order to unlock the secrets around the box, and why it was being so coveted. However, as the investigation progresses, they unintentionally begin digging up long forgotten stories, that may, finally, shed light on what actually happened to Maria Lucinda, that tragic and distant morning in May.
SESI-SP Editora, 2015
216 pages
ISBN: 9788582056837
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