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120 Hours

THE MIDDLE EAST, 1998: International intrigue, drama, love, power, betrayal and mystery provide the setting for this bone-chilling action and suspense thriller. Aurélio Marcondes Amorim, a top-level Brazilian scientist, is coldly murdered after working for year on the secret Syrian nuclear program. His disappearance is the starting-point for consolidation of a goal: provide Syria with its own hydrogen bomb, the most powerful and deadly weapon ever conceived by man.
A chain of seemingly unrelated events is sparked off by Aurélio’s death. In Rio de Janeiro, his brother, Horácio, in despair at Aurélio’s sudden silence, takes the dramatic decision to leave Brazil and trace his brother no matter what the cost. With aid of his long-time friend, Gabriel Karam, he set out on a frenetic search that will reveal unsettling secrets. Meanwhile, in Beirut, Randa Nohra, a celebrated fashion designer and darling of Lebanese society, sees her carefully planned live turned inside-out when her husband, Fauzi, one of Aurélio’s colleagues in the nuclear program, disappears without a trace. And with the seizure of a helicopter and the appearance of a mysterious letter containing a macabre poem announcing a monumental nuclear attack right in the middle of the Catholic Holy Week, a succession of crimes and disturbing events is unleashed, signaling the start of a desperate race against time, with totally unpredictable results.

Set against such disparate backgrounds as to glamorous world of high fashion and the seething underworld of international gun running, 120 HORAS/120 HOURS is an unsettling realistic tale of a diabolic conspiracy that drags normal men and women through a labyrinth of shady and unthinkable situations. A surprising Brazilian thriller on a level with the best of the genre, whose agile and intriguing storyline of incessant suspense and heart-stopping action, this book will rivet the reader’s attention from page one to the end.
Editora Planeta do Brasil, 2005
437 pages
ISBN: 9788576651084
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