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Death at School

THOUSANDS OF YEARS ago, a region inhabited by a highly developed civilization sank into the sea and disappeared forever. Plato, the famous Greek philosopher, was the first to mention this story over two thousand years ago. Since then, the myth of Atlantis has crossed the centuries,  and remains today as one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

The young Ivan Seabra and his sister, Sofia, never gave much attention to their uncle Fausto’s extensive research on the Atlantean civilization.  Not even on the day when Uncle Fausto met behind closed doors with the director of their school to talk about the Scrolls of Ephesus — an invaluable treasure discovered in the sixth century by a Greek priest near the Aegean Sea.  The manuscripts would prove the existence of Atlantis and reveal its location. Soon after that meeting, however, Ivan begins to receive threatening notes and a few days later, the director is mysteriously murdered.

The Scrolls of Ephesus, which had been missing for centuries. have always aroused the greed of Man. The director of the school, shortly before his assassination, seemed close to finding them. Suddenly, Ivan, Sofia and their uncle Fausto, find themselves entangled in a complex web of mysteries. After all, what is the connection between the director’s death and the famous scrolls? Who would have murdered him? Was it the same person who has been sending threatening messages to Ivan?

In an agile and lively plot, that blends history suspense, adventure and humor, MORTE NO COLÉGIO/DEATH AT SCHOOL is a vibrant teen thriller that will lead us to a true epic adventure in search of the legendary Scrolls of Ephesus and the lost continent of Atlantis.
Editora Ática, 2007
Illustrated by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
136 pages
ISBN: 9788508107759
Read the first chapter
Watch the book trailer for MORTE NO COLÉGIO.

Patricia de Carvalho Barbosa, Raquel Souza and Simone Lima - Colégio Pedro II/Campus Realengo - Rio de Janeiro.

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